Kill Wall

This is where I as a DM brag about the players I have killed.

The Warlock I don’t remember her name but she was a teifling and had the highest charisma in the party. Unfortunatly she tended to use this to solve her problems with violence. In the keep on shadowfell she seperated from the party and touched a shadow rune. She was driven with fear and ran the halls randomly until she accidently wandered into a room with four zombies.

Pwnage ensued.

10 minutes later the party found a room with 5 zombies.

The Wizard Our poor wizard. Living proof that I’ll always have it in for spell casters ever since my 8th level second edition wizard bit the bullet (but not without taking his entire party with him) after a glorious 2 year campaign. Anways this poor pc wizard got double crited by a pair of goblin barbarians with greataxes in the blood reaver hideout deep within in the thunderspire labyrinth.

pwnage and severe blood loss ensued.

despite no valiant attempts to save him by his erstwhile party the wizard leaked his precious wizardly fluids all over the place until he ran dry and died.

Kill Wall

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