The Second Founding

Adventure Log
half remembered adventures as told by thier intrepid DM

Most of these were written well after the adventures and many of the characters I do not remember the names of. So bear with me. Also check out my kill wall.

A simple start
See the world they said...

A random group of Adventurers was hired by Lord Virimax in the city state of Chith to investigate his silver mine at [[Durkin’s Pass]] Fearing that the workers were becoming lazy he gave his new employees unlimited power and authority in order to get the supply of silver going again.

The party which at the time included Sovalis the eladrin ranger, Amber the dwarven cleric, a warlock, a wizard and Ryugen; the semi-noble, often misunderstood, tries to hard around women and lets his sword and breath do most of the talking dragon born fighter.

On their way to Durkin’s Pass the party encountered a local brigaded posing as a guard out side of Winterhaven. After demanding a toll be paid the party scared off the thief with some threatening words. Later that day as the party was enjoying a drink in [[Wafton’s Inn]] the brigand returned with the rest of his gang. What followed is what [Salvanna Wafton]] still calls a “bloody ruckus that showed no regard for my inn and almost burned the place to the ground!!”

The adventurers has solved Winterhaven’s Brigand problem and turned the only surviving member over to the local guard.

Continuing on their journey the next day the adventurers finally reached Durkin’s Pass. But all was not well.

They found the town largely hiding in their homes as a mysterious plague had begun to affect the residence. Also a group of Kobold’s had moved into the local silver mine compounding their problems.

The adventure would continue

The Burning Plague
Never dig too deep.

The adventurers awoke the next moring, suffering from terrible dreams. After Consulting Father Samuel, the local cleric and Ariania Tungston the widow of the mayor the party set out to the silver mine. Shortly upon entering the mine they party encountered signs of a stuggle. Claw marks and blood littered the tunnels but no bodies.

After some wondering the party encountered the main kobold encampment. A bloody battle ensued and many of the terrible creatures were slaughtered. The party showed mercy to a pair of kobold children they found and allowed them to leave with thier lives.

Next the party found a mysterious door that the miner’s had seemingly unearthed. After being accosted by terrible flying constructs the party managed to open the door. Inside they found a sacrificial altar and the bodies of the missing miners.

As they approached the bodies the unthinkable happened. They began to stur and arose as blood thirsty undead abomniatins. A mighty battle ensued. Amber called upon the power of moridain to devastating effect and the miners were put to thier final resting place.

Disturbed and wanting revenge the adventurers pushed forward. In the next room they found a natural cave with a spring that seemed to be the source of the town’s plague. As it was being cursed by a priest of Orcus. Tense words were exchanged, then tense damage and after a vicious fight the Adventurers stood triumphant over the broken body of the follower of orcus. But one question remained what was he doing here. Was there a cult a nearby? Only time would tell.

The characters emerged triumphantly both as bringers of bad news and saviors. They spent the next few days in the town as the remianing miners harvested silver for transport directly to lord Virimax’s workshops in chith.

Wagon Burners
A cautionary tale about an explosion

Again our intrepid adventurers awake from disturbing dreams. These dreams seem to be getting more intense. Ravanous hoards of undead and fallen paladins are all they can remember for now.

The party departs with a full wagon of silver. Wary of their precious cargo and the bandit infested road back to chith the party proceeds carefully. The first day was without incident. The first night however there was a chance encounter with an Elf named Ninarin. She came across the party during the night and was apprehended by Sovalis. Apparently just a simple hunter from Winterhaven she was allowed to leave without incident.

The next day as they were nearing winterhaven the party was attacked by Kobold’s these seemed to be more oganized and deadly than the ones that they fought in the mines. After a pitched battle. The Adventurers returned to thier wagon only to find that it was rigged to explode with an explosive. Several of the adventurers were caught in the resutling blast that sent chunks silver all over the field they were traveling through.

Although badly burned all the heroes survived. They did however noticed a black robed culprit fleeing the scene. After a fierce chase a deadly interrogation they learned that he too was a follower of orcus.

The explosion drew the guards from Winterhaven who under the intruction of Lord Padraig helped the adventurers secure thier silver and began the construction of a new wagon. This however would take a week and in the meantime Padraig commisioned the party to investigate various goings on around the town including the reason for the rise in kobold attacks.

The townspeople were cordial but tense as if they sensed that something dark was coming. A night out in Wafton’s Bar revealed several jobs that required that attention of adventurers.

Duvik Jackso a local archeaologist had gone missing.

Elias the old found a kobold encampment on the edge of his land and commisioned the adventurers to remove it.

The Party slept for the night again plagued by ever more disturbing dreams. Indeed a darkness was spreading over this land.

Ambushes and other dangerous Foliage
Can I take 20 on that perception check?

Our intrepid Adventuring party awoke the next morning to the biting sting of the previous night’s libations. Not skipping a beat they made haste towards Elias the old’s Farmstead.

Soon after the party left the town they were beset upon by by another group of kobold’s. Like before the Kobolds displayed a masterful grasp of strategy and cunning. Clearly these were no ordinary raiders. After a pitched battle the party emerged victorious but not unscathed.

About an hour later the party found themselves at Elias’s farm. After a quick meal the old man led them to the east. It was there that they found a kobold encampment at the base of a small waterfall.

Launching a surprise attack the party decimated the unsespecting kobold’s as they went about their daily routines. Many fell victim to the explosive power of the mage’s spells. A few kobold’s managed to escape however and retreated to a cave behind the waterfall. After a short rest the party charged after them…

Fights and other delights
What the hell do you mean an 18 doesn't hit?!

The party cautiosly entered the damp kobold cave. They could smell the noxious odor of the lizard like creatures and hear them skitting in the darkness just beyond their perhperal vision. As the party ventured further into the cavern an alarm rang out and they were set upon by a hoard of kobolds.

At first waves of lightly armored shock troops came at the party. These were backed up by more heavily armored warriors and a terrible kobold priest of orcus who let loose spells and other terrible incantations in an attempt to destroy the adventurers who dared violate his cave.

Just as the battle looked to be turning in the party’s favor a mighty horn rang out and from an ajoining cave a mighty goblin warrior wielding two battle axes and accompanied by a personal retunie joined the fray.

The fighting grew intense with the horoes and goblin barbarian trading many might blows. At one point the goblin flew into a murderous rage and threw himself at the group with reckless abandon. This proved to be a mistake as his weakened defenses left him open to a devastating counter attack that was his death.

After the battle had subsided the group searched for treasure finding an assortment of gold silver and a suite of dwarven chainmail that had somehow come into the kobold’s possession. But perhaps most interestingly of all was a note found in the goblin’s possessions that was from a preist of Orcus named Kalrel. Apparently Kalrel was operating out of somewhere called shadowfell keep and was planning on opening a rift through which undead minions would pour out and begin to devour the people of winterhaven. This goblin had been dispatched to organize local kobold’s to launch raids in order to soften the local settlements. Perhaps most disturbing at all; was mention that Kalrel presently had a spy in Winterhaven.

Armed with this news and a new sense of purpose the party set out. Their next destination was Duvik Jackso’s dig site.

Upon arriving the group discovered that a raid had taken place and Jackso had been brutally slain just hours before. In a pocket on Jackso’s body a note was found. Apparently raiders had captured a mirror from the digsite that they were planning to use in a dark ritual related to opening a rift to the shadowfell.

The party headed back to town to learn more about the rift and the keep that had been mentioned in the notes.

Upon thier return Ryugen took it upon himself to deliver the grave news to Jackso’s widow. He was very nice about it and even refrained from hitting on her for all of five minuites.

After consulting with both Lord Padraig and a Valthrun, a local sage. The party learned that there was indeed a ruined keep nearby. Apparently it had been erected in the height of the Nerath Empire to guard a weak point in the fabric of the plane that seperated the prime material from the terrible undead of the shadowfell. AFter the fall of the empire the keep fell into disrepair and after a bizarre tragedy the keep was abandoned some years later.

The party decided to rest for the night and proceed to the keep the very next morning.

The keep
Now we are playing for keeps

The terrible dreams that most of the party members were suffering from grew in intensity. This time clear images of a paladin slaughtering his family and undead hoards roaming the were clear in all thier terrible glory.

The journey to the keep was uneventful. When the party over came the bluff they saw the keep, or what remained of it. All of the above ground structures had collapsed. Some of the debris had been cleared revealing a staircase that decended menacingly into the earth.

Journeying downward the party found an empty chamber with a trapped floor. Proceeding to the east they discovered some hobgoblin’s conducting a dig in one of the chambers. A brief battle ensued.

Continuing they’re exploration the party discovered a brig. After a pitched battle with its goblin keepers. After a fierce battle the party recovered some magical leather armor and discovered but a single prisoner.

A small wounded runt of a goblin named Splug was found. Apparently he had ripped off the local goblin chiefton a few to many times. He provided intel to the party in exchange for being allowed to leave.

The party then decided to rest but were set upon by a hobgoblin partol in the middle of the night. The battle was pitched by brief. On goblin managed to escape. The party attempted to track him down but they were eluded.

It was at this point the warlock decided it would be a grand idea to go off by herself and touch a terror rune. Terror insued. In her fearful flight she came across a room full of zombies and pwnage ensued. But not the good kind the bad kind. See kill wall. The party later came by and ended her brief but torterous existance as a walking affront to life.

The party continued to search the surrounding area and spotted a chamber with a faint glow eminating from with in.

Toss a dog a bone
and he'll dig you a hole

The party continued down a dark hallway into the chamber with that had an eerie glow about it. The chamber turned out to be a long room with a high cieling at the opposite room. The glow seemed to be originating from that area. The room also contained a dozen sarcophagi. A pair of double doors also stood meancingly at the opposite end of the room.

As the party advanced into the room a hidden gate slammed shut and each Sarcophagi opened to reveal a skeleton warrior who immediatly engaged the party. A pitched and once sided battle immediatly ensued. Every time a Skeleton was slain one immediatly rose to take its place. The party could not hold out for much longer. At the urging of other part members Ryugen shoved his way through the throng of undead to the other end of the room.

The high ceiling gave way to reveal a magicaly glowing starscape depicting a picture of Bahamut. Two altars flanked this part of the chamber. Upon closer insepction the altars had draconic script written upon them, it read as,

“The Platinum Dragon is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my armor against the foes of life-I need only kneel and offer him my praise”

Ryugen reflected on this briefly as he shouted the translation to the rest of the party. The battle continued to turn against the heroes. The undead were relentless and of all people it was Amber who upon reflection and several deep sword wounds took a knee and offered up a prayer to Bahamut. At that exact moment the undead immediatly stoped thier attacks and retreated to thier resting places and the gate barring the exit lifted. An eerie calm silence filled the chamber. Searching found nothing of value on the remains of the skeletons but a secret compartment in the altar’s revealed five small platinum dragon idols.

After a brief rest the party procceeded through the double doors at the other end of the chamber. These doors led to a small antechamber. It contained a single tomb that was ornatly decorated and bore the name Sir Keegan. No sooner did that party read that title than the lid exploded outward and a heavily armored skeletal knight arose from the dust. Drawing his sword he demanded an explanation for the party’s presence.

After a pitched conversation where the party members answered questions and proved thier worthy intent to sir Keegan did he finally stand down. He explaned how he was originaly stationed to the keep and how the shadowfell’s malign influence drove him mad and caused him to slay his family and commrades. He was mortally wounded and driven into the lower levels of the keep. It was here he waited for death to take him. But such was his grief that he could not let go and remained here an undead shadow of his former self. He explained to the party the importance of closing the rift and how orcus’s sanctuary lay on the otherside along with legions of ravenous undead. Sir Keegan then offered his sword Elaris to the party to aid in thier quest. Hoping that his sword unlike himself was worth of redemption.

We're all Phalanxed
"Seriously! a 20 doesn't hit?!"

Emerging from Sir Keegan’s Chamber the party pressed onward. They soon discovered a secret chamber and after solving a riddle were rewarded with weapons from the keep’s glory days. Specifically two magical silver longswords.

The party continued down a long flight of stairs into the lower bowels of the keep. They were greeted by some hobgoblin guards who demanded a password. Despite a valiant and incredibly ineffectual attempt to provide one. It was at this point the party realized the Hobgoblins had a spider the size of a horse caged in the back room.

At the start of combat seeing its masters were in trouble the spider broke the cage and charged into the party. A pitched battle broke out. One hobgoblin managed to escape managed to escape but did not get far. As the party cornered him in his bed chamber and dispatched him.

After the battle the party noticed a sound coming from a chest. Upon opening it they found a bound and gagged halfling named Brishen. Apparently Brishen had been taken prisoner by the hobgoblins as she was innociously going about the countryside on her various errands which certianly didn’t invlove robbery of any kind. Apparently the hobgoblins were planning on selling her to a group called the blood reavers.

The party continued to explore the darkened passages of this deep level of the keep. They came across the main hobgoblin stronghold in the area. A massive battle between the party and the tactically brilliant hobgoblin broke out. The hobgoblin’s tactical deployments were brilliant and almost ended in death for the party. But thier superoir combat prowress overcame the hobgoblins superior tactics. After the battle as the party was adressing its serious wounds it peeked into another chamber across the hall and discovered another force of hobgoblins. Not wanting another brutal encounter they barricaded the door and continued to move on.

The party came across a huge chamber containing a collolsal statue that apparently represented a memorial of some kind. As they attempted to leave the room they triggered a water trap. All except the wizard were caught within a magical field that slowly filled with water. Useing thier own ingeniuty and a few handy thievery tricks from their newfound rougue halfling the party managed to disable the trap, but their trouble was just begining.

The next room reeked of rotted flesh and as Sovalus was scouting he was discovered by a ghoul who inhabited the room. The party immediatly burst in and a swirling meele invlovling a large number of zombies commanded by two ghouls took place. After a fierce battle the party discovered that a set of stair led down wards into the darkness and a small tunnel led away from the room in another direction.

The tunnel was too small for most of the party to fit through comfortably but the halfling could move through it with ease and she charged through hoping to find treasure. Unfortunatly for her she found two ghouls…to hungry ghouls. By the time the party heard her screams and arrived she was unconcious and in the proccess of being devoured. After a breif battle the ghouls were destroyed but the halfling was badly injured and required rest. So the party made camp in the small room that the ghouls had filled with carrion. As the dwarf, who for some macabre reason had volutnteered for the task of cleaning out the filth went about removing the bodies and rotted flesh she discovered a magical bag of holding.

The party rested in thier rotten smelling abode.

"This tomb will be your grave!"

After an unsettling night in a tiny chamber that reaked of rotten flesh the party awoke. Again the dreams seemed of even greater intensity. The night had passed uneventfully except for a hobgoblin patrol that passed by at some point during the rest. Apparently they weren’t being paid enough to squeeze into the hole that led to the “ghoul closet” as they called it. The party emerged from the hole to find the ghoul’s room empty. They decended the stair and found themselves in a dark and forboding underground temple. Filling the temple were vampire spawn, that had been magically animated by the dark rituals of Orcus, they also found human berzerkers tht had been driven half mad by thier lust to serve thier dark lord. Leading this evil band was a priest of orcus and a dark kreeper.

Battle ensued.

While the party dispatched the meelee combatants with ease. The Highlight of the fight was when the party shoved the poor priest of orcus into the massive pit through which a rich stream of blood was flowing down in the center of the room. He landed with a sickening crack some 50 feet downward.

The party Guessing that the pit was where the cause of the all this Kalrel waited decended quickly down the blood soaked chains. Perhaps they decended a little too quickly as both the wizard and Amber both lost thier grip and fell down part of the way.

When the rest of the party decended they found themselves in a massive pool of blood. A glowing menacing portal was at one end of the room. To the side Kalrel and some undead minions were finishing the ritual to finally open the portal to the shadowfell.

Needless to say a fight ensued. Despite being a powerful caster and warrior in his own right Kalrel was overwhelmed. For the first time in recent memory the party displayed a rare and almost competent grasp on basic battle field tactics, dealing with Kalrel’s follwers in turn before turning thier attention to him. Such was this rare show of competence that Kalrel was overwhelmed and defeated.

As he fell a massive claw reached through the portal dragging Kalrel’s remains to the shadowfell. Without skipping a beat the Party’s casters set to work sealing the portal, although they succeeded in sealing the portal they did so clumsily and as such destabilized the local area. Specifically the keep.

As the keep came crashing down around them it became clear that the party needed to make a quick escape. Unfortunatly the dwarf didn’t quite feel up to climbing the chains again. Luckily or shall we say unluckily for her the intrepid dragonborn had an ingenious idea involving a bag of holding and some liberal iterpretations of the squeezing rules.

The party made it out of the bloody pit and began a mad dash towards the surface. After dumping the poor dwarf out of the bag of course. The dash to the surface was intense and not without mishap, a few pieces of cieling collapsed and one of the heroes ended up falling in a previously detected rat trap. But after some furious athletics they once again saw the sun and made it out just as the lower levels collapsed.

Finding themselves next to some hobgoblins who also made it out the startled party drew thier weapons but the Hobgoblins were in no mood for a fight and immediatly fled.

The party returned to the town of Winterhaven as conquoring heroes. Much drinking and merriment followed in the tavern that night. Even a tearful reunion with the goblin they so fondly remembered torturing and then setting free. Yes it seemed all was well with the world.

But for how long…


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