Eladrin Ranger Two Weapon Fighting build

  • Race: Eladrin
  • Class: Ranger
  • Style: Dual Weilding
  • Weapons: 2 +1 Silver Long Swords (Pokey and Stabby)
  • “Fun” Items:
  • AC:
  • HP:
  • Fort:
  • Ref:
  • Will:
  • Elven
  • Common

Skills Feats



Being a survivor leaves one on the precipice between guilt and revenge. When one is the sole survivor, revenge and retribution become companions. This is Sovalis’ way. After his entire village was destroyed by a Drow raid, including the death of his entire family, revenge against the Drow has remained a part of him. Although not actively seeking it out vengency, any opportunity to exact “justice” on the perpitrators will not be ignored; nor will his blades be denied.

Kill Wall:

Although it is FAR TO HARD to remember what enemies have been slain in the past, an on going account will ensue:

Minions: 3 Notables: Zombie Callista, Giant Spider, Nethanial


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