A striking elven woman with a steely look in her eyes


Although beautiful, Ninarin appears to be but a simple hunter who stalks the area around winterhaven for furs to sell at the market.


Looks, however; can be decieving. She was actually an agent for the cult of Orcus and a personal confidant of thier leader Kalrel. She spied on the people of winterhaven and did her best to ensure that no one interfered with his attempts to open the rift to the shadowfell.

The adventurers however managed to kill Kalrel despite her attempts to warn him. Fearing for her life she fled winterhaven and retreated to Thunderspire mountain. There she encountered Kalrel’s one time allies the [[blood reavers]]. She enlisted thier aid in a plan to seek bloody revenge on the people of Winterhaven and the adventurers who thwarted and killed Kalrel.

Things did not however go as planned. While the attack on Winterhaven garnered slaves and caused great carnage it did not kill the adventurers. Fleeing back to Thunderspire mountian with thier new bounty of slaves Ninarin began to seek allies from around the seven pillared hall

One day as she returned to the [[blood reaver]] hideout she found her current allies slaughtered. After asking one of the few survivors she found out that the adventurers had come through here seeking the Winterhaven slaves that had already been sold to the Druegar.

Fearing that the adventurers were closing in on her she made her way to the Dreugar and offered her services as a spy and scout in exchange for protection. No sooner had she made the deal and began to breathe a bit easier than the doors to the clan leader’s chambers burst open revealing the adventuring party. Not liking her odds against them in the room she fled, effectively ending her deal with the druegar.

Ninarin’s Wherabouts are currently unknown. Though she is most likley plotting her revenge against the adventurers at this very moment.


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