Owner of Grendar's curios and relics


Grendar is an old grizzled drow who is currently missing an eye. He is scheming and underhanded, everything he does works towards one of his many goals. He runs a small shop specializing in relics and magical treasure that either he or one of his many mysterious agents have recovered from the labyrinth.


Grendar was brutally removed from drow society. Little is known about the circumstances though he still has a few drow contacts who visit him from the underdark from time to time.

Grendar recently appoached Sovalus with the prospect of recovering an item of power from burial chamber of a certain minatour in exchange for a meet and greet with the drow responsible for the destruction of his village.

Quests completed -Drow Fortune stones for [[Bairwin]] -Recover the skull sceptere

Quests pending -Reover the jewel from the court of bones


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