The Second Founding

We're all Phalanxed

"Seriously! a 20 doesn't hit?!"

Emerging from Sir Keegan’s Chamber the party pressed onward. They soon discovered a secret chamber and after solving a riddle were rewarded with weapons from the keep’s glory days. Specifically two magical silver longswords.

The party continued down a long flight of stairs into the lower bowels of the keep. They were greeted by some hobgoblin guards who demanded a password. Despite a valiant and incredibly ineffectual attempt to provide one. It was at this point the party realized the Hobgoblins had a spider the size of a horse caged in the back room.

At the start of combat seeing its masters were in trouble the spider broke the cage and charged into the party. A pitched battle broke out. One hobgoblin managed to escape managed to escape but did not get far. As the party cornered him in his bed chamber and dispatched him.

After the battle the party noticed a sound coming from a chest. Upon opening it they found a bound and gagged halfling named Brishen. Apparently Brishen had been taken prisoner by the hobgoblins as she was innociously going about the countryside on her various errands which certianly didn’t invlove robbery of any kind. Apparently the hobgoblins were planning on selling her to a group called the blood reavers.

The party continued to explore the darkened passages of this deep level of the keep. They came across the main hobgoblin stronghold in the area. A massive battle between the party and the tactically brilliant hobgoblin broke out. The hobgoblin’s tactical deployments were brilliant and almost ended in death for the party. But thier superoir combat prowress overcame the hobgoblins superior tactics. After the battle as the party was adressing its serious wounds it peeked into another chamber across the hall and discovered another force of hobgoblins. Not wanting another brutal encounter they barricaded the door and continued to move on.

The party came across a huge chamber containing a collolsal statue that apparently represented a memorial of some kind. As they attempted to leave the room they triggered a water trap. All except the wizard were caught within a magical field that slowly filled with water. Useing thier own ingeniuty and a few handy thievery tricks from their newfound rougue halfling the party managed to disable the trap, but their trouble was just begining.

The next room reeked of rotted flesh and as Sovalus was scouting he was discovered by a ghoul who inhabited the room. The party immediatly burst in and a swirling meele invlovling a large number of zombies commanded by two ghouls took place. After a fierce battle the party discovered that a set of stair led down wards into the darkness and a small tunnel led away from the room in another direction.

The tunnel was too small for most of the party to fit through comfortably but the halfling could move through it with ease and she charged through hoping to find treasure. Unfortunatly for her she found two ghouls…to hungry ghouls. By the time the party heard her screams and arrived she was unconcious and in the proccess of being devoured. After a breif battle the ghouls were destroyed but the halfling was badly injured and required rest. So the party made camp in the small room that the ghouls had filled with carrion. As the dwarf, who for some macabre reason had volutnteered for the task of cleaning out the filth went about removing the bodies and rotted flesh she discovered a magical bag of holding.

The party rested in thier rotten smelling abode.



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