The Second Founding

Toss a dog a bone

and he'll dig you a hole

The party continued down a dark hallway into the chamber with that had an eerie glow about it. The chamber turned out to be a long room with a high cieling at the opposite room. The glow seemed to be originating from that area. The room also contained a dozen sarcophagi. A pair of double doors also stood meancingly at the opposite end of the room.

As the party advanced into the room a hidden gate slammed shut and each Sarcophagi opened to reveal a skeleton warrior who immediatly engaged the party. A pitched and once sided battle immediatly ensued. Every time a Skeleton was slain one immediatly rose to take its place. The party could not hold out for much longer. At the urging of other part members Ryugen shoved his way through the throng of undead to the other end of the room.

The high ceiling gave way to reveal a magicaly glowing starscape depicting a picture of Bahamut. Two altars flanked this part of the chamber. Upon closer insepction the altars had draconic script written upon them, it read as,

“The Platinum Dragon is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my armor against the foes of life-I need only kneel and offer him my praise”

Ryugen reflected on this briefly as he shouted the translation to the rest of the party. The battle continued to turn against the heroes. The undead were relentless and of all people it was Amber who upon reflection and several deep sword wounds took a knee and offered up a prayer to Bahamut. At that exact moment the undead immediatly stoped thier attacks and retreated to thier resting places and the gate barring the exit lifted. An eerie calm silence filled the chamber. Searching found nothing of value on the remains of the skeletons but a secret compartment in the altar’s revealed five small platinum dragon idols.

After a brief rest the party procceeded through the double doors at the other end of the chamber. These doors led to a small antechamber. It contained a single tomb that was ornatly decorated and bore the name Sir Keegan. No sooner did that party read that title than the lid exploded outward and a heavily armored skeletal knight arose from the dust. Drawing his sword he demanded an explanation for the party’s presence.

After a pitched conversation where the party members answered questions and proved thier worthy intent to sir Keegan did he finally stand down. He explaned how he was originaly stationed to the keep and how the shadowfell’s malign influence drove him mad and caused him to slay his family and commrades. He was mortally wounded and driven into the lower levels of the keep. It was here he waited for death to take him. But such was his grief that he could not let go and remained here an undead shadow of his former self. He explained to the party the importance of closing the rift and how orcus’s sanctuary lay on the otherside along with legions of ravenous undead. Sir Keegan then offered his sword Elaris to the party to aid in thier quest. Hoping that his sword unlike himself was worth of redemption.



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