The Second Founding

The Chamber of Eyes

"They're never going to SEE us coming"

After the first instance of getting lost. The party decided to get creative. A package of everlasting chalk was bought. The party then decided to mark their trails from here on in.

Again the party set out from the hall and in search of the chamber of eyes. After less than a half hour of searching a ante chamber containing a blocony and a door adorned with eyes was discovered. Goblin voices could be heard coming from within. Opting for a stealthy approach the party scaled the wall and entered the area through the Balcony. The party entered what appeared to be a barraks and got the jump on several battle axe wielding goblins and a bugbear.

The battle is fierce and unfortunatly the wizard chose to lead from the front and was cornered and then brutally evicerated by a pair of goblin barbarians. See the Kill Wall for a play by play of the wizards untimely and extremely messy demise.

After the battle. The party recovers from this grevious loss. Amber reads last rights while Ryugen stands a solem vigil. Sovalus and Brishen however and busy dividing up the wizard’s various magical trinkets. The party continues on.

They come to a large central chamber where every surface is covered in ornatly covered eyes. Chains are attached to the floor but the area is mainly empty with the exception of a few blood reaver hobgoblins and thier pet dire wolf. Also a scantly clad human female is chianed to one of the manacles.

A pitched battle ensues and the human female who is known as Amy demonstrates a great deal of skill in escaping and then attacking her would be captors and aids the party, The battle is eventually won but not before hob goblin reinforcements are called including the leader of the Blood Reaver Gang. Almost all are slain though a few manage to escape in the ensuing confusion.

In the aftermath the Party searches the various blood reaver records and question Amy. They soon discover that the Winterhaven captives were indeed brought here but were unfortunatly sold to the Dreugar not more than a day ago. Disheartened but none the less determined the party returned to the Seven Pillared hall to begin thier search a new.



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