The Second Founding


"This tomb will be your grave!"

After an unsettling night in a tiny chamber that reaked of rotten flesh the party awoke. Again the dreams seemed of even greater intensity. The night had passed uneventfully except for a hobgoblin patrol that passed by at some point during the rest. Apparently they weren’t being paid enough to squeeze into the hole that led to the “ghoul closet” as they called it. The party emerged from the hole to find the ghoul’s room empty. They decended the stair and found themselves in a dark and forboding underground temple. Filling the temple were vampire spawn, that had been magically animated by the dark rituals of Orcus, they also found human berzerkers tht had been driven half mad by thier lust to serve thier dark lord. Leading this evil band was a priest of orcus and a dark kreeper.

Battle ensued.

While the party dispatched the meelee combatants with ease. The Highlight of the fight was when the party shoved the poor priest of orcus into the massive pit through which a rich stream of blood was flowing down in the center of the room. He landed with a sickening crack some 50 feet downward.

The party Guessing that the pit was where the cause of the all this Kalrel waited decended quickly down the blood soaked chains. Perhaps they decended a little too quickly as both the wizard and Amber both lost thier grip and fell down part of the way.

When the rest of the party decended they found themselves in a massive pool of blood. A glowing menacing portal was at one end of the room. To the side Kalrel and some undead minions were finishing the ritual to finally open the portal to the shadowfell.

Needless to say a fight ensued. Despite being a powerful caster and warrior in his own right Kalrel was overwhelmed. For the first time in recent memory the party displayed a rare and almost competent grasp on basic battle field tactics, dealing with Kalrel’s follwers in turn before turning thier attention to him. Such was this rare show of competence that Kalrel was overwhelmed and defeated.

As he fell a massive claw reached through the portal dragging Kalrel’s remains to the shadowfell. Without skipping a beat the Party’s casters set to work sealing the portal, although they succeeded in sealing the portal they did so clumsily and as such destabilized the local area. Specifically the keep.

As the keep came crashing down around them it became clear that the party needed to make a quick escape. Unfortunatly the dwarf didn’t quite feel up to climbing the chains again. Luckily or shall we say unluckily for her the intrepid dragonborn had an ingenious idea involving a bag of holding and some liberal iterpretations of the squeezing rules.

The party made it out of the bloody pit and began a mad dash towards the surface. After dumping the poor dwarf out of the bag of course. The dash to the surface was intense and not without mishap, a few pieces of cieling collapsed and one of the heroes ended up falling in a previously detected rat trap. But after some furious athletics they once again saw the sun and made it out just as the lower levels collapsed.

Finding themselves next to some hobgoblins who also made it out the startled party drew thier weapons but the Hobgoblins were in no mood for a fight and immediatly fled.

The party returned to the town of Winterhaven as conquoring heroes. Much drinking and merriment followed in the tavern that night. Even a tearful reunion with the goblin they so fondly remembered torturing and then setting free. Yes it seemed all was well with the world.

But for how long…



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