The Second Founding

On Druegar and the politics of wizards

"Screw attacking him, I'm going to pull on his beard and then use teleport"

The intrepid party continued back to the hall. Where they witnessed a golden masked mage engaged in what appeared to be a trial of some sort. A crowd had gathered and the defendant appeared to be one of the hobgoblins who had escaped from the chamber of eyes. Apparently he had an outstanding debt to the mages and the Golden Masked Mage who was identified as the Ordinator Arcanus put him to death via his magics.

The party then ran into Orontor. He congradulated them on killing the Blood Reavers claiming that he has never been a fan of the slavers. When questioned about the involvement of the Druegar; Orontor says he does not believe the local dreugar trading post has posession of the slaves. He does however confide that he knows the Dreugar have a fortress hidden somewhere out in the Labyrinth. He gives the party leeway to interrogate the local Dreugar so long as they keep it relatively quiet. Orontor’s sudden generosity seems very out of character for a mage of Saruun.

Instead of an allout assault the party opted to use subterfuge when dealing with the dreugar in the Seven Pillared hall. Brishen Entered first and asked about having the Dreugar adjust and improve his dagger. Bluffing all the way Brishen was led to the back room to meet with the Druegar leader Kendhira to talk about the exhoborant prices.

Meanwhile Sovalus entered the shopfront, that now had only one dreugar standing guard. Without breaking step he calmly strode up and viciously tugged on the Druegar’s beard. Before the Druegar could react Sovalus teleported through one of the shop’s heavily shuttered windows. He then turned and taunted the Dreugar to follow. The enranged Druegar chased him furiously. Sovalus ran through out of the hall and into the Labyrinth. Where the rest of the party laid in wait to jump the druegar. They did so in a brutal fashion.

The dreugar clearly didn’t want to die and was willing to cut a deal to give the location of the Horned Hold to the party in exchange for his life. The party refused, so he sweetened the deal to include the location of some a treasure hold that he was aware of. The party eventually agreed. The druegar wrote the location of the treasure hold on the wall in Abyssal and then took off. Sovalus apparently not content to let the issue end attempted to hunt down the dreugar but being at home in the subterrainian maze the druegar made his escape.

Meanwhile Brishen was running into problems. The dreugar seemed to realize that he was not entirely on the level. Eventually he wove a complex web of lies. The Dreugar were either befuddled or no longer cared to get to the bottom of what Brishen was really after and kicked him out. Fortunatly leaving him with both his life and his dagger.

The party regrouped at the halfmoon inn and planned thier next move.



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