The Second Founding

Mountains of thunder

"Wasn't there a warlock with you last time?"

In the aftermath the party setout immediatly towards Chilth, to return thier silver to Lord Virimax. It took about a day to reach Chilth, it passed eneventfully. Upon arrival the party procceeded directly to the Lord’s estate.

Upon thier arrival they were escorted inside and Virimax greeted them in his nonchalent and cruel manner. Proclaiming that he had almost lost hope and was going to put a bounty on the adventurer’s heads. He paid the party the 100 gold that they had agreed upon then had his guards remove them before they tracked more dirt into his mansion.

The party then resupplied and stayed at an inn in the city for the evening. The next morning the party hoofed it towards thundermountain. Crossing through farmland and paying little attention to what lay in thier path the party beelined it across the Nethintir Vale until they reached the old dwarf road that lead to the mountian.

Following the surprisingly well maintained highway that dated back to long before the year of blood the party eventually came to the edge of the deatless peak’s mountain range.

Towering ahead of them was a winding road leading up thurderspire mountain. True to its name storm clouds hovered over head and cracks of lightening could be heard and seen above, though no rain fell. As the party entered intp the large crevass that provided entrance to the mountain they saw a massive statue of a minatour standing over the road that was at least 100 feet high. It bore a severe expression as if to warn travlers away.

Once inside the mountain itself the party found itself on a road, a tunnel to be more accurate; of errie green laterns that decended sharply. It had a switch back ever hundred yards or so. As well as menacing statues of demons spaced evenly on each side. As the party decended further they realized there were hundreds of tunnels leading off from the road in every which direction. It was from down one of these tunnels the party heard some commotion and saw a sliver of light.

As they went to investigate they came across some blood reavers about to kidnap a halfling. The party intervened and a battle broke out. Afterwards the halfling introduced himself as Rendil Halfmoon. His family owned an Inn in the the Seven Pillared Hall and in thanks for his rescue he offered the party lodgings and any information he had on the blood reavers.

The party came to a massive hall that seemed to be some kind of town, some buildings were free standing structures others were carved directly into the walls. Upon arriving in the Inn rendil provided some greater detial about the Seven Pillared hall and Thunderspire Mountain itself.



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