The Second Founding


"And no David Bowie does not appear in this adventure!"

After resting in the Halfmoon Inn and receiving detailed directions to the Blood Reavers hide out the group decided that they were going explore the Seven Pillared Hall. The group find’s various shops, curios another tavern populated by all manner of unsavory folk but finally they come to their destination.

Back in Winterhaven our intrepid adventurers had been contracted by Bairwin to conduct business with a drow named Grendar. Although initially hostile to the idea the group eventually begrudgingly agreed to make the exchange as Bairwin was currently in debt to the Mages of Saruun and was hesitant to make the journey lest they catch and make an example of him. Grendar ran a curios shop that sold the various wares that he and his mysterious network of agents had recovered from the Labyrinth.

All except Sovalis entered the shop to deal with Grendar. Grendar presented a counter offer sensing he had the upper hand. He proposed the party find a non-magical ritual mace and bring it to him, only then would he be willing to complete Bairwin’s transaction. Unfortunately he was either unwilling or unable to provide information on the location so the party was essentially stonewalled on this front.

After some further wondering the party encountered Orontor and his surely Ogre body guard Brugg. He seemed wary of the party and warned them not to cause trouble. After a brief conversation he hinted that he did not like the Blood Reavers but did not know where they’re current base was. Since they had not attacked anyone in the hall directly or caused trouble for the other mages he currently could not deploy any forces to deal with them. He leaves with a dire warning not to interfere with the mages.

With this knowledge in hand the party decides they do not yet have enough of an idea where to find the Blood Reavers who are holed up in an area known as the chamber of eyes. At Amber’s insistence they contact the local dwarves who run the deep gem mining company.

Uthwar Deepgem is seems to be in charge and he greets the party amicably. After a long conversation about life in the hall and a brief description of the nature of his mining business he explains about his marked trail system that he has had his miners make and explained how the symbols at various junctions work. Given Amber’s dwarven affinity for dungeons she now felt confident enough to lead the party through the labyrinth.



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