The Second Founding

Beneath The Surface

Lies the past...and a bunch of nice stuff

Before the party headed out into the Labyrinth they decided to check one final lead. They went to Rothar’s Tap House, a low brow and dangerous bar in the Pillared Hall and began to ask around about the blood reavers. After a moment a hobgoblin in the back who clearly over heard leaves abruptly. The party follows. After a brief chase the party tracks down the Hobgoblin and attempts to interrogate him. He is less than helpful so Sovalus lets him taste his blade.

Our party finally decides to head out into the labyrinth in search of the missing people from Winterhaven. Unfortunatly Amber makes a slight misstep when working out the directions and the party instead ends up on the bank of a massive subterrianian lake. There appears to be a landbridge leading to the middle of the lake upon which sat several large urns that could be made out in the distance. As the party was deciding where they would go next and if they should investigate the center of the lake Sovalis spotted the calm waters of the underground lake stir ever so slightly. Deciding not to risk angering whatever lay below the lake the party moved on.

This time they were relatively certian they had found the correct route. However no sooner had they rounded the second corner than they bumped into a Teifling. He seemed very polite and explained he was a demon hunter searching for a place called the Well Of Demons. He asked if he might join the party for a brief while as he was currently lost. The party agreed and for a time they traveled together. At one point he exclaimed, “Ahh I recognize this place, come I will show you the way!”

As the party followed he began to explain the importance of his fight against the supernatural demons that he said would soon plaugue this mountian and how such a fight required magical weapons, specificially the party’s magical weapons. It was at this point that three human warriors sprang an ambush and attacked.

As soon as the ambush began the teifling in an act of spitefyl irony uttered a prayer and summoned forth two demons. To compliment his 3 human warriors.

Not wasting any time in thier revenge the party immediatly focused all thier attacks on the teifling. Realizing he was about to die to the severity of the party’s attacks he activiated his cloak of teleportation and began to run. Unfortunatly Sovalus being a elf of the Feywild could also teleport and he chased down the teifling and rammed one of his swords into his still beating heart.

The teifling fell.

The party mopped up the remaining cohorts with little problem. Though the demons did put up a mighty stuggle for thier part. The party recovered an extremely powerful magical dagger from the corpse of the Teifling. Brishen was chosen to wield this powerful weapon as he had the most experiance with small blades. Again the party decided to attempt to venture deeper into the labyrinth in search of the lost townspeople.



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