The Second Founding

A rude awakening

"Two wagons?! You're a bastard!"

After several days of celebrations, feasting, heavy drinking and cases of extreme racial forgiveness. The Pparty awoke one morning to a mighty crash and screaming coming from the ground floor of the inn. While the some members of the party donned their armor a few ventured forth to investigate. What they found was a hobgiblin attempting to drag Sylvanna Wafton over the counter of her own Inn by her hair. The party members intervened after a brief time they were joined by thier more heavily armored compatriots. The Hobgolin was slain. It was only after the sounds of the struggle had ended did the party here the choas that was coming from outside of the Inn. Bravely they ventured forth.

What greeted them on the other side of the door was a Winterhaven that had been Thrown into absolute Chaos…

Bugbears and hobgoblins ran rampant throughout the streets, slaying those they could not capture. No sooner had the party engaged the invaders than they say thier precious silver being carted away by none other than Ninarin. Sovalis stepped through the feywild in order to fight her. A pitched battle ensued and the treacherous elf was eventually thrown from the wagon, unfortunatly for our intrepid party; she did managed to survive the landing and escape.

While Sovalis was battling the remaing hobgolbin on the silver wagon a bigger slave wagon came into view. ir carried what appeared to be a dozen winterhaven captives and was heading directly for the gate out of town. The cleric, fighter and rougue were very busy dealing with two rampaging bugbears while being sniped by hobgoblin archers. This left the wizard, Nemur, to attempt a rescue of the villagers.

At first he cast a powerful sleep spell on the wagon, this stopped the horses and knocked out both drivers. Unfortunatly he was distracted by multiple arrows striking him. While he turned to deal with this threat the drivers awoke because of thier hobgoblin resistance. They then roused the horses. They then began to escape again, albiet at a much slower pace. The wizard again attempted to intervene with magic missles aimed squarely at the lock on the wagon’s massive cage. He fired several shots each one barely missing. It was at this point that a bugbear knocked the cleric unconcious. This time the wizard was engaged fully and could not fight to free the captives any longer.

The tide of batte was turning against the party, Sovalis had ridden the wagon across town and was cut off. Amber was bleeding out on the ground. Brishen being a halfling had little medical training and could not revive her. Ryugen was holding his own just barely and the wizard was getting his ass kicked. It was at this point that a mighty war horn rang out and Lord Padraig arrived with the surviving town guard. As they joined the fray the hobgoblins broke off, leaving the bug bears to fight to the death.

Despite the entire party being able to help amber could not be revived and time was running out. The party cursing thier utter and complete lack of medical knowledge and training asked Padraig for help. Using his previous military expierance padraig stopped the bleeding and managed to stabalize the dwarf…ironically the only one in the damn party with a decent heal check.

With the cleric stabalized Padraig goes about securing the rest of Winterhaven with the rest of his forces. The party spends the time recovering. Unsure of what to do next they begin to examine the remains of the invaders. They bear a famailair insignia on thier armor. Upon asking around town, specifically Valthrun the local sage they discover that these raiders are none other than the blood reavers of thunderspire mountain. A notorious band of slavers that Kalrel had some dealings with back during his time in the keep.

Padraig then approached the party asking them to track down those responsible. Unfortunatly the party still had a large wagon of poorly defended silver burning a hole in thier collective pockets.

Despite the cleric’s misgivings the party elected to return to Chilth to and turnover the silver to Lord Virimax. Heart broken and disgusted; Padraig refused to speak about the subject anymore, he hoped the party would then procceed to thunderspire mountain and help track down his people despite of the day and a half head start the slavers would now get.

The party began to head out as a broken Padraig began to muster defenses and repair the walls with what remained of his town guard.



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